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Winding tools and machines

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    Abisofix wire stripper for removing the enamel insulation from winding wire.

    Brush machine HQ

    Hand brush for removing enamel insulation from winding wire.

    Brush machine ST

    Table model brush machine that can strip both round and rectangular winding wire.

    Coil head disassembly machine

    The coil head disassembly machine is designed to cut off coil heads and then pull…

    Commutator cutting machine 50M

    Suitable for commutators with a maximum diameter of 400 mm.

    Commutator cutting machine 70

    Hand-held collector cutting machine equipped with an air pressure connection.

    Diamond cutting discs

    Diamond cutting discs with or without axle in various thicknesses and diameters for air pressure…


    The guillotine can cut both paper and insulation materials such as NMN and NKN.

    Hydrogen burner

    Hydrogen burner for removing any kind of insulation, welding copper or removing collector connections.


    Wire stripper for removing enamel insulation from winding wire.

    Rotafix creasing machine

    Rotafix creasing machine for folding slot insulation.

    Stator stand SHR

    The SHR is specially designed to perform the winding process as efficiently as possible.

    Tape dispenser HTD 7346

    HTD 7346 is a robust tape dispenser with a steel frame for multi-roll use.

    Taping machine BCT

    Pneumatically powered taping machine for taping of (shape) coils.

    Tungsten commutator cutting disks

    Tungsten collector cutters for collector cutting machines

    Tungsten saw blades

    Tungsten saw blades for coil head disassembly

    Winding machine WM

    The WM series is designed for the serial production of various types (stator) coils.

    Winding mandrels

    Winding mandrels for the WM series of winding machines.

    Winding tools

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