Yellow glass/polyester slot wedges

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Yellow glass/polyester slot wedges

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Product description

Mechanically strong yellow slot wedges based on glass/polyester resin without loose glass parts. The slot wedges have a smooth surface which makes it easy to slide into the slot when fixing coils in the slots.
In connection with the fiberglass. Use of gloves is recommended.


Technical properties

3.00 x 2.00 mm6.00 x 4.00 mm9.00 x 4.50 mm
4.00 x 2.00 mm7.00 x 3.00 mm10.00 x 3.00 mm
4.00 x 3.00 mm7.00 x 4.00 mm10.00 x 4.00 mm
5.00 x 2.00 mm7.00 x 5.00 mm10.00 x 5.00 mm
5.00 x 3.00 mm8.00 x 3.00 mm12.00 x 4.00 mm
5.00 x 4.00 mm8.00 x 4.00 mm12.00 x 6.00 mm
6.00 x 2.00 mm9.00 x 3.00 mm
6.00 x 3.00 mm9.00 x 4.50 mm

Storage and packaging

Shelf lifeUnlimited shelf life
Packaging100 meters per bundle
Length1000 mm
Other on request

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