Terminal blocks 9-studs

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Terminal blocks 9-studs

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Product description

High-quality terminal block 9 pole equipped with washers, nuts and connecting strips


KB 901 S36361210127.54.510 + 1210M33
KB 90 S404011151584.51510M35
KB 90 S1404011151584.51512M45
KB 91 S44441115158.54.51512M46
KB 91 S244441115158.54.51512M46
KB 911 S44441116169515 – 1612M44
KB 92 S56561220201162016M56
KB 92 S156561220201162017M69
KB 93 S70701625251172517M67.5
KB 931 S707015252511725 + 2824M68
KB 96 S8080163030127.53022M88
KB 96 S18080163030127.53024M68
KB 99 S10810821404017.511.540 – 4535M108
KB 912 S14614626552220145540M1213.5
KB 916 S19619640757520147555M1621
KB 916 S M2019619640757520147560M2021

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