Safety test probe set SPS 2040

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Safety test probe set SPS 2040


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Product description

Safety test probe set

SPS 2381 Ni /..(Colour)
Safety test probe with inline safety socket Ø 4 mm and interchangeable probe insets.

SSK 2002 /..(Colour)
Protection for the contact tip for IC with 2.54 mm raster (DIL) to be used with the 5 mm spring-loaded steel tip (PRUEF 2013 Ni). Suitable to screw probe insets into and out of place.

PRUEF 2013 Ni
Probe inset, each end can be used individually, with 5 mm spring loaded steel tip and a rigid steel tip Ø 4 mm.

PRUEF 2015 Ni
Probe inset, single-ended with a Ø 2.4 mm lamella-basket plug.

PRUEF 2017 Ni
Probe inset, single-ended with a Ø 2 mm lamella-basket plug.

PRUEF 6733 Ni
Probe inset, single-ended with a rigid, hardened steel tip Ø 2 mm and furrow.

Please see specific product data sheets for further technical details.

General information

Part descriptionQuantity and colour
SPS 2381 Ni /..(Colours)1x
SSK 2002 /..(Colours)1x
PRUEF 2013 Ni
(screwed in SPS 2381)
PRUEF 2015 Ni1x
PRUEF 2017 Ni1x
PRUEF 6733 Ni1x
Coloursblack, red, blue, white

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