Temperature protection sensor PTC

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Temperature protection sensor PTC

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Product description

PTC sensors equipped with PTFE insulated lead-out used to prevent overheating.
A PTC has a positive temperature coefficient.
Available in single or triplets version.


Technical properties

Diameter sensorØ 3 mm (max. 3.2 mm)
SensorLength 10 mm
Length of lead-outs(AWG 27) 500/180/180/500 mm
Other on demand
Test voltage2500 V AC, 50 Hz 1 minute
Resistance< 300 Ω
Type of insulation 70°C – 160°CEpoxy-based insulation and insulated with Kynar Shrink sleeve as additional protection for mechanical stress
Type of insulation 170°C – 190°CIsolation based on Epoxy and insulated with PTFE Shrink sleeve as additional protection for mechanical load.

Color codes

60°CWhite / Grey
70°CWhite / Brown
80°CWhite / White
90°CGreen / Green
100°CRed / Red
110°CBrown / Brown
120°CGrey / Grey
130°CBlue / Blue
140°CBlue / White
145°CWhite / Black
150°CBlack / Black
155°CBlue / Black
160°CBlue / Red
170°CWhite / Green
180°CWhite / Red
190°CBlack / Grey

Other information

Specials available on demand (e.g. longer lead-out)

Actual specifications may differ from those stated on this website. No rights can be derived from the specifications stated on this website.

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