Stator and rotor stacks

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Stator and rotor stacks

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Stator and rotor stacks

Stator stacks of different sizes with a maximum diameter of 1500 mm, mounted, twisted or sharpened to ensure precise tolerances.
The stacks can be welded or glued, with straight or oblique slots, complete or in segments, with tying rods and press plates.
Click here for our application form laser cut stator and rotor packages.

Rotor stacks

Rotor stacks of different sizes, mounted and twisted or sharpened to ensure precise tolerances. Stacks can be
welded, glued or riveted, complete with aluminium or copper rods
soldered to end plates.

Linear engine and transformer stacks

Packages of different sizes, with straight or curved profile, welded or tied, complete with drilling and grinding of back.

Laser cut

Loose slats are laser cut with the latest generation of machines. Thanks to these machines, we offer high accuracy and fast production times. No investment in stamping tools is necessary.

We offer a wide range of raw materials available, non-oriented electric steel (DIN EN 10106) from quality M210-35A to M1000-100A and for high frequency applications (DIN EN 10303) from NO10 to NO35, with different types of coating.

The laser cutting system is of the latest generation with 2 KW power an accuracy of +/- 0.025 mm on a 3000×1500 mm work table.
Ideal for prototyping, small series, special applications and service.


Loose slats are stacked with special tools, which is designed by our technical department with 3D software and specially manufactured for each project to guarantee the highest quality. Pressing is done by means of tie rods and springs or hydraulic presses, depending on the size and quantity.


We are equipped with TIG and MIG welding equipent for stator or rotor packages We can solder aluminium or copper rods with end plates for rotor packages.


We use bonding varnish technology to glue the packages. Loose lambs are laser cut from electric steel pre-insulated with resin and at a temperature of about 200°C
polymerizes so that the slats attach to each other.
Benefits of bonding varnish technology:
• No distortion in the packets
• Better stiffness and stability of rotating packets
• No vibrations in rotating packets
• Improved accuracy when aligning slats
• Absence of magnetic field interference

CNC milling

CNC running can be performed on request on the assembled stator and rotor packages to ensure accurate tolerances.
Maximum diameter up to 2000 mm.

Actual specifications may differ from those stated on this website. No rights can be derived from the specifications stated on this website.

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