Slot brushes

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Slot brushes

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Product description

wire brushes with stem for removing insulation residue from the slot.


Type roundØ BrushSteel wire lengthTotal length
Type 15 mm100 mm360 mm
Type 26 mm120 mm370 mm
Type 38 mm120 mm370 mm
Type 410 mm120 mm440 mm
Type 515 mm120 mm440 mm
Type 620 mm120 mm460 mm
Type 730 mm120 mm460 mm
Type flatWidth brushHeight brushSteel wire lengthTotal length
Type 04 mm10 mm100 mm360 mm
Type 18 mm12 mm100 mm360 mm
Type 28 mm15 mm100 mm360 mm
Type 310 mm18 mm100 mm360 mm
Type 410 mm22 mm100 mm360 mm

Other information

Round wire brushes with M6 bolt are available on request.

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