Shrink tubing DERAY®-KYF-190

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Shrink tubing DERAY®-KYF-190

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Product description

DERAY®-KYF-190 is heat-shrink tubing made from Kynar ® with extreme chemical resistance complements the benefits of the DERAY ® -KY 175 with maximum flexibility, ideally suited to protect components from a variety of extreme influences under harsh thermal conditions. DERAY®-KYF-190 is also known as “Kynar-Flex”.
Temperature resistant to + 190 ° C. UL VW-1 certified.


Technical properties

Working temperature-55°C to 190°C
Shrink temperature175 °C
Breakdown voltage33 kV/mm
ColorBlack and transparent
(other colors on demand)
Shrinkage ratio2:1
Inner diameter (min.)Inner diameter (max.)Wall thickness (nom.)
1.2mm0.6 mm0.24 mm
1.6mm0.8 mm0.24 mm
2.4mm1.2mm0.24 mm
3.2mm1.6mm0.24 mm
4.8mm2.4mm0.24 mm
6.4mm3.2mm0.3 mm
9.5mm4.8mm0.3 mm
12.7mm6.4mm0.3 mm

Storage and packaging

Shelf lifeAt least 12 months below 23°C
Available diametersØ 1.2mm – 12.7mm
Roll lengthØ 1.2mm – 6.4mm 300mr
Ø 9.5 mm 150 mtr
Ø 12.7 mmm 100 mtr

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