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Product description

Insulation material based on cellulose paper, with good mechanical and electrical properties.


Technical properties

IEC Tracking Resistance500+
Density 1.20 – 1.30 G/cm³
Oil absorption ≥ 7%
Elasticity modulus—ºC Electric
Temperature index UL—ºC Mechanical
Breakdown voltage (air)≥ 12 kV/mm
Breakdown voltage at 90 °C (oil)≥ 35 kV/mm
Longitudinal stretch≥ 105 MPa
Stretch in transverse direction≥ 80 MPa


Plate size 0.80 – 8.00 mm1000 x 1000 mm
Available on roll. 

Material can be machined according to drawings.

Actual specifications may differ from those stated on this website. No rights can be derived from the specifications stated on this website.

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