Phenol cotton tubes

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Phenol cotton tubes

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Product description

Phenol cotton tubes


• Electrical motors.
• Other Applications.

Technical properties

C120Medium finely woven tube with high mechanical strength and impact resistance.Phenol
C120FFinely woven tube for applications where better mechanical properties and complicated operations are desired.Phenol
C120UFExtra finely woven tube for the most intricate mechanical operations and best mechanical properties.Phenol
TypeHeat classElectric strength
at 90 °C in oil across the slats
Electric strength
at 90 °C in oil in line with the slats
Low adhesion
C120120 °C15-20 kV5-7 MV/m140 MPa
C120F120 °C25-30 kV6-8 MV/m160 MPa
C120UF120 °C25-30 kV6-8 MV/m140 MPa
TypeInsulation Resistance
After 24 Hours in Water
DensityWater Adsorption
C12030 Mohm1.20 mg/m310 mg/cm2
C120F20 Mohm1.20 mg/m35   mg/cm2
C120UF20 Mohm1.20 mg/m35   mg/cm2
C120BS EN 61212: PFCC22, DIN 7735: Hgw 2083, NEMA: C.
C120FBS EN 61212: PFCC21, DIN 7735: Hgw 2088, NEMA: LE.
C120UFBS EN 61212: PFCC21, DIN 7735: Hgw 2086, NEMA: LE.

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