KIT 6910 / TEST 2 mm I

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KIT 6910 / TEST 2 mm I

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Product description

Testing tool kit Ø 2 mm system for measurements in confined spaces or delicate structures in a low voltage environment, as a supplement to the 4 mm.
Test leads normally provided with measuring tools.
For more supplements, also take a look at our 2 mm Program.

Kit includes

MFK 11 / 0.5 / 100 1x black, 1x red
Measuring lead with 2 lamella-basket plugs Ø 2 mm with inline socket assembled on highly flexible, insulated PVC cable 0.5 mm² length 100 cm.
A 40 – 20 Ni 1x black, 1x red
Adapter for adaption Ø 4 mm system to Ø 2 mm system.
AK 2799 Ni 1x black, 1x red
Crocodile clip with socket Ø 2 mm and grips up to Ø 8 mm.
PRUEF 3072 Ni 1x black, 1x red
Test probe with inline socket Ø 2 mm and contact tip 5 mm spring-loaded

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