IEC fan cowl

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IEC fan cowl

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Product description

Fan cowl suitable for IEC motors.


56108.553.51.578144.8101.53.5292821.6 cm²
63121611.585174.8141.54323226.4 cm²
7113670.51.595185.8101.5435.535.534.0 cm²
80154751.5112255.8141.5439.539.545.3 cm²
90174861.5125305.8161.54454557.4 cm²
100192951.5133345.8181.5449.349.370.2 cm²
112216991.5152345.8161.54545493.3 cm²
1322551171.5173425.8231.546464110.9 cm²
1603071361.5205466.8252469.565152.2 cm²
1803451551.5218526.835247165181.0 cm²
2003821781.5250696.838247266241.0 cm²
2254301921.5263696.842349690241.0 cm²
2504772201.5297858.8463.559590325.0 cm²
280533238.51.5320958.8503.55113108360.0 cm²
3155972371.53401008.8303.55135130410.0 cm²

Other information

Extended fan cowls and specials available on demand.

Actual specifications may differ from those stated on this website. No rights can be derived from the specifications stated on this website.

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