Hydrogen burner

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Hydrogen burner

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Product description

The hydrogen burner separates distilled water into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas, which serves as fuel for the powerful burner.
Due to the high flame temperature (about 3650 °C), it can be used to melt/fuse metals together and burn off insulating materials.
The hydrogen burners are ideal for removing any kind of insulation, welding copper or removing collector connections.

Technical properties

Type 2500Type 4600Type 10000Type 20000Type 30000
Maximum power2.5 kW4.5 kW10 kW20 kW30 kW
Gas production500 l/h1200 l/h2400 l/h5000 l/h7500 l/h
Max. gas efficiency17 CFH42 CFH85 CFH170 CFH260 CFH
Distilled water consumption0.25 l/h0.55 l/h1.00 l/h2.00 l/h3.00 l/h
Flame temperature3650 °C3650 °C3650 °C3650 °C3650 °C
Weight110 kg155 kg285 kg630 kg750 kg
Maximum nozzle diameter1.50 mm2.00 mm2.40 mm2.80 mm3.20 mm
CO2 emissions00000

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