ES Fleece H

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ES Fleece H

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Product description

ES-Fleece H is a porous and expandable sheet, produces from pressed fiberglass mat. The material is backed and faced with a non-woven Polyester fleece, bonded with a small amount of modified epoxy resin.

The ES-Fleece H expands around 200% of its nominal thickness at elevated temperatures and absorbes the resin.


• Coil consolidation in the slot.
• Filling hollow spaces
• Fixation of slot wedge

For good resin impregnation, a VPI process is necessary. Compantibility of the resin in the VPI tank with the resin used in the ES-Fleece H should be confirmed before using.

Technical properties

Thickness0.50 mm ± 0.30.85 mm ± 0.31.20 mm ± 0.32.20 mm ± 0.3
Termal classH (180°C)H (180°C)H (180°C)H (180°C)
Density658 ± 68 g/m21220 ± 110 g/m21940 ± 160 g/m22610 ± 260 g/m2
Glass content450 ± 45 g/m2900 ± 90 g/m21350 ± 130 g/m22610 ± 260 g/m2
PET-Fleece50 ± 5 g/m250 ± 5 g/m250 ± 5 g/m250 ± 5 g/m2
Binder content137 ± 14 g/m2228 ± 22 g/m2478 ± 20 g/m2898 ± 50 g/m2
ColorWhite WhiteWhiteWhite
Expansion> 200%> 200%> 200%> 200%

Storage and packaging

Shelf lifeMinimum shelf life 12 months, in original packaging, under a temperature of 20°C.
FormattingSheets of 1000 x 450 mm,
other sizes on request.

Actual specifications may differ from those stated on this website. No rights can be derived from the specifications stated on this website.

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