Socket IBU 2011 Ni

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Socket IBU 2011 Ni

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Product description

Socket for insulated fixture with moulded head and solder terminal up to 0.75 mm².
Location hole Ø 5.1 mm.
The Insulation is PA 6.6 (Polyamid) and the contact parts are nickel-plated.

General information

Colours 1)black, red, blue, yellow, green, grey, white

Technical data

Terminalsolder up to 0.75 mm²
Transition resistance 4)5 mΩ / 3 mΩ 
Rated voltage 2)33 VAC  / 70 VDC
Rated current 2)10 A
Operating temperaturefrom -25 °C to +90 °C
Max. torque for the fastening nut60 Ncm

Extra information

1)  other contact platings, colours, sleeves for other cable diameters and designs on request
2)  at normal ambient temperatures
4)  depending on contact plating

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