Adapter A 2116

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Adapter A 2116

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Product description

The safety adapter can be fitted into all Ø 4 mm sockets.
This ensures compatibility with safety measuring leads with rigid sleeves.
By screwing a locking screw (SW 1.5) into thesplay plug, the safety adapter can be tightly connected to the Ø 4 mm socket.
The safety adapter can then no longer be removed without tools.
The Insulation is PA 6.6 (Polyamid) and the contact parts are nickel-plated.

Please note the technically required left-handed thread of the hexagonal socket screw.
The existing socket body cannot be screwed out of its insulating head when tightening the screw.
When installing the safety adapter please heed the five safety rules as stipulated in DIN VDE 0105-100.
In short:

  1. Disconnect
  2. Secure against restoration of power
  3. Establish that voltage is cut off
  4. Earthing and short-circuiting
  5. Cover or enclose adjacent live parts
    The air gaps and creep paths given for the appliances for the installed socket must also be taken into consideration when using the safety adapter.
    These may determine the operating voltage.

General information

Colours 1)black, red, blue, yellow, green, grey, brown, white, purple

Technical data

Terminalsee assembly instructions
Transition resistance5 mΩ
Rated voltage 2) 4)1000 V CAT II
Rated current 2)32 A
Operating temperaturefrom -25 °C to +80 °C

Extra information

1)  other contact platings, colours, sleeves for other cable diameters and designs on request
2)  at normal ambient temperatures
4)  depending on contact plating

Actual specifications may differ from those stated on this website. No rights can be derived from the specifications stated on this website.

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