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Product description

The Abisofix wire stripper removes the enamel insulation from winding wire without effort. The Abisofix is equipped with a transformer to control the speed of the blades.

Technical properties

Knife head type 1Ø 0.20 – 0.80 mm
Knife head type 3 Ø 0.60 – 2.00 mm
Knife head type 5 Ø 1.20 – 4.50 mm
Weight450 grams
Dimensions175 mm long
Ø 45 mm

Other information

Spare parts or on-demand options available such as hard steel knives, complete knife heads, wire twisting head, plexiglass guard, control transformers etc.

Actual specifications may differ from those stated on this website. No rights can be derived from the specifications stated on this website.

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